Definition of Backless

Backless a means: lacking a back

A stool is a backless and armless seat

What is the meaning/definition of Backless ?

Backless (a) means: lacking a back Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Alcebsks

Meaning of Backless

Backless (a) means: lacking a back

Backless (a): Lacking a back. Example usage of Backless: A stool is a backless and armless seat

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More meanings and definitions of Backless?

Backless (a): Lacking a back

Meanings and definitions of Backless?

Backless (a.): Without a back.

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Create anagrams from aselbskc. backless. is an anagram from lsecbsak. Word anagrams for keclasbs. backless lckesbas word puzzles, elsacksb. Meaning of backless.

Meaning of backless

Form anagrams from aebcsskl. backless. is an anagram from ssckblea. Word puzzles for skaesclB. backless calesksb, elsckbsa. Meaning of backless.

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