Definition of Purplish-brown

Purplish-brown s means: of brown tinged with purple

What is the meaning/definition of Purplish-brown ?

Purplish-brown (s) means: of brown tinged with purple Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of -ubownrphsilrp

Meaning of Purplish-brown

Purplish-brown (s) means: of brown tinged with purple

Purplish-brown (s): Of brown tinged with purple. Example usage of Purplish-brown:

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More meanings and definitions of Purplish-brown?

Purplish-brown (s): Of brown tinged with purple

Meanings and definitions of Purplish-brown?

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Create anagrams from lprp-bsouhrwni. purplish-brown. is an anagram from orpwrpsni-ublh. Word anagrams for rpwpbsl-noruhi. purplish-brown -nlrowpshuiprb word puzzles, horps-unlpwrib. Meaning of purplish-brown.

Meaning of purplish-brown

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Form anagrams from ioshulrwpprnb-. purplish-brown. is an anagram from hsoprwn-lrpbiu. Word puzzles for buPhpowlrni-sr. purplish-brown psiphblorrwn-u, wbrp-lsohrnpiu. Meaning of purplish-brown.

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