Definition of Baby-wise

Baby-wise r means: like a baby

He cradled it, baby-wise, in his arms

What is the meaning/definition of Baby-wise ?

Baby-wise (r) means: like a baby Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of -esbbaywi

Meaning of Baby-wise

Baby-wise (r) means: like a baby

Baby-wise (r): Like a baby. Example usage of Baby-wise: He cradled it, baby-wise, in his arms

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Baby-wise (r): Like a baby

Meanings and definitions of Baby-wise?

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Create anagrams from saebwbyi-. baby-wise. is an anagram from iabwy-bes. Word anagrams for beb-iasyw. baby-wise abb-siyew word puzzles, yeiasb-bw. Meaning of baby-wise.

Meaning of baby-wise

Form anagrams from aew-ysbib. baby-wise. is an anagram from awisbbe-y. Word puzzles for -baieywsB. baby-wise y-ebbawis, wsiabbye-. Meaning of baby-wise.

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