Definition of Baa

Baa n means: the cry made by sheep

What is the meaning/definition of Baa ?

Baa (n) means: the cry made by sheep Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Baa

Meaning of Baa

Baa (n) means: the cry made by sheep

Baa (n): The cry made by sheep. Example usage of Baa:

Baa (v): Cry plaintively. Example usage of Baa: The lambs were bleating

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More meanings and definitions of Baa?

Baa (n): The cry made by sheep

Baa (v): Cry plaintively

Meanings and definitions of Baa?

Baa (v. i.): To cry baa, or bleat as a sheep.

Baa (n.): The cry or bleating of a sheep; a bleat.

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Create anagrams from aba. baa. is an anagram from aba. Word anagrams for baa. baa baa word puzzles, baa. Meaning of baa.

Meaning of baa

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Form anagrams from aba. baa. is an anagram from aab. Word puzzles for aaB. baa aab, baa. Meaning of baa.

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