Definition of Powdered

Powdered s means: consisting of fine particles

Powdered cellulose|powdery snow|pulverized sugar is prepared from granulated sugar by grinding

What is the meaning/definition of Powdered ?

Powdered (s) means: consisting of fine particles Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Reedopwd

Meaning of Powdered

Powdered (s) means: consisting of fine particles

Powdered (s): Consisting of fine particles. Example usage of Powdered: Powdered cellulose|powdery snow|pulverized sugar i

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More meanings and definitions of Powdered?

Powdered (s): Consisting of fine particles

Meanings and definitions of Powdered?

Powdered (imp. & p. p.): Of Powder

Powdered (a.): Reduced to a powder; sprinkled with, or as with, powder.

Powdered (a.): Sprinkled with salt; salted; corned.

Powdered (a.): Same as Seme.

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Create anagrams from epddrweo. powdered. is an anagram from dwpdeeor. Word anagrams for rwdeepdo. powdered wepeddro word puzzles, dwedoerp. Meaning of powdered.

Meaning of powdered

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Form anagrams from dpwdeero. powdered. is an anagram from ewoepdrd. Word puzzles for Porewded. powdered oewddrep, worddepe. Meaning of powdered.

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