Definition of Axis of rotation

Axis of rotation n means: the center around which something rotates

What is the meaning/definition of Axis of rotation ?

Axis of rotation (n) means: the center around which something rotates Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Oixtfo nraitsoa

Meaning of Axis of rotation

Axis of rotation (n) means: the center around which something rotates

Axis of rotation (n): The center around which something rotates. Example usage of Axis of rotation:

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More meanings and definitions of Axis of rotation?

Axis of rotation (n): The center around which something rotates

Meanings and definitions of Axis of rotation?

Words and phrases similar to Axis of rotation or words and definitions that start with Axis of rotation

Create anagrams from ntioroaxt sa fio. axis of rotation. is an anagram from rooift saoai nxt. Word anagrams for otis otaxrn fioa. axis of rotation ro ofniaittxas o word puzzles, asiotoifoa tn rx. Meaning of axis of rotation.

Meaning of axis of rotation

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Form anagrams from x frn aoiotiaost. axis of rotation. is an anagram from rxotiofanos tia. Word puzzles for oi arAstotx nfoi. axis of rotation o atfaoixotsnir, oaiot ntfiaoxsr. Meaning of axis of rotation.

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