Definition of Pleating

Pleating n means: the act of folding in parallel folds

What is the meaning/definition of Pleating ?

Pleating (n) means: the act of folding in parallel folds Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Elnagitp

Meaning of Pleating

Pleating (n) means: the act of folding in parallel folds

Pleating (n): The act of folding in parallel folds. Example usage of Pleating:

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More meanings and definitions of Pleating?

Pleating (n): The act of folding in parallel folds

Meanings and definitions of Pleating?

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Create anagrams from lgaeintp. pleating. is an anagram from ptneigal. Word anagrams for nlipaetg. pleating nlgeapit word puzzles, ilgeanpt. Meaning of pleating.

Meaning of pleating

Form anagrams from tlnpgiae. pleating. is an anagram from lptiaegn. Word puzzles for ngaePilt. pleating lpgntaie, letinpga. Meaning of pleating.

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