Definition of Planetary house

Planetary house n means: (astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided

What is the meaning/definition of Planetary house ?

Planetary house (n) means: (astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Espo uyerlahatn

Meaning of Planetary house

Planetary house (n) means: (astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided

Planetary house (n): (astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divid. Example usage of Planetary house:

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More meanings and definitions of Planetary house?

Planetary house (n): (astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divid

Meanings and definitions of Planetary house?

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Create anagrams from srlaoehn uapeyt. planetary house. is an anagram from psen toraluahey. Word anagrams for aet unrhseaolpy. planetary house nrlpyate uoahse word puzzles, tlpranoy uhaese. Meaning of planetary house.

Meaning of planetary house

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Form anagrams from hsa nlaeertouyp. planetary house. is an anagram from n setaoryluehpa. Word puzzles for Ptuhnoeelrasay . planetary house loratnu asyephe, yehupol arntsea. Meaning of planetary house.

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