Definition of Pictorial representation

Pictorial representation n means: visual representation as by photography or painting

What is the meaning/definition of Pictorial representation ?

Pictorial representation (n) means: visual representation as by photography or painting Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Rapntneetiteacri lpiosor

Meaning of Pictorial representation

Pictorial representation (n) means: visual representation as by photography or painting

Pictorial representation (n): Visual representation as by photography or painting. Example usage of Pictorial representation:

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More meanings and definitions of Pictorial representation?

Pictorial representation (n): Visual representation as by photography or painting

Meanings and definitions of Pictorial representation?

Words and phrases similar to Pictorial representation or words and definitions that start with Pictorial representation

Create anagrams from ipeeolrs cpnoniietttaarr. pictorial representation. is an anagram from iterstirrtplana neoiepco. Word anagrams for rirnreoisicateolp aetpnt. pictorial representation ao eisetcnoilreatnrprtpi word puzzles, npliceintroorits peetraa. Meaning of pictorial representation.

Meaning of pictorial representation

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Form anagrams from iaetrinepsnir eotpolcrat. pictorial representation. is an anagram from ctppreoinir sioealtearnt. Word puzzles for tc rneeenlirtooairpsiPat. pictorial representation alriepnttrscte aeiionpor, ntaioeorc rteeaprisntpil. Meaning of pictorial representation.

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