Definition of Pictorial representation

Pictorial representation n means: visual representation as by photography or painting

What is the meaning/definition of Pictorial representation ?

Pictorial representation (n) means: visual representation as by photography or painting Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Lianespaeootiitnc rertpr

Meaning of Pictorial representation

Pictorial representation (n) means: visual representation as by photography or painting

Pictorial representation (n): Visual representation as by photography or painting. Example usage of Pictorial representation:

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More meanings and definitions of Pictorial representation?

Pictorial representation (n): Visual representation as by photography or painting

Meanings and definitions of Pictorial representation?

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Create anagrams from ici rapnlpsoetaireetortn. pictorial representation. is an anagram from epteiiarrtocninlatepsr o. Word anagrams for erncirpaenrtl ooiatsetip. pictorial representation nntlsoeeeriir otpaprtaic word puzzles, noicostnretrtalpierp iae. Meaning of pictorial representation.

Meaning of pictorial representation

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Form anagrams from pcilttaiinntresropreeo a. pictorial representation. is an anagram from ianpnpecietiottrelsaorr . Word puzzles for onsePelrtiaorctatnpriie. pictorial representation rsept rtpnalaeoiitroiecn, etpiirnntrteselroai poca. Meaning of pictorial representation.

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